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STREVA, Yes My Title Is Streva, & No I Do Not Know Why

It has been a while since I have updated, it has just been a lack of motivation. People have been asking me to update so I have obliged. Well I shall say a few comments about Winter Formal. I went to Laura's house, we took pictures then we proceeded to Abbie's house in Bourg, LA. We left Abbie's then went to the dance. The dance was not as bad as I expected however, it was still quite boring. Neal did a funny dance to random people and that made it fun. After the dance a few people went over to Laura's to change before the big event we had all been waiting on: The After Party at Smitko's. We got there when everyone else was getting there. There was an estimate of 300+ people there. There were two kegs, yes two. People were paying $4 for them, and there were no complaints about it. At around 1 a.m. the Po-Po's roll in and break up the party, most of the 300 people were gone, leaving about 20 people. The first keg was done the second keg was tapped and the rest of us began to drink it dry, which we did. I left Smitko's house at 11 a.m. My parents did find out about the incident and were a little mad, but not much. Friday starts the Mardi Gras season and I am happy. I shall update more often now.

Fish and Game Report: I don't know what to report, it seems as though there are some ponds, but I just don't know for sure, I shall however find out shortly.

Quote of the Month: "So where do you go to home school at?" - Carl Eric Babineaux
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