Lob N 'Em (lob) wrote,
Lob N 'Em

BHenry712 is a pimp!

Lob 504 Podna: what up playa
BHenry712: fuck u want ya littl bitch
Lob 504 Podna: bran, don't punk as if i was your bitch, you are my BITCH
BHenry712: yur everybody's bitch u little fuckin cunt
Lob 504 Podna: how can i be everyone's bitch, if you are my bitch
BHenry712: cuz i'm noy yur bitch ya fuckin bagger
BHenry712: cunt
BHenry712: fag
BHenry712: flamer
BHenry712: nerd
BHenry712: queer
Lob 504 Podna: i saw you at them band nerd parties, you cocksucker
BHenry712: what band nerd parties
Lob 504 Podna: you know you and your boy brody adn em
BHenry712: fuck
BHenry712: thas ya boy
BHenry712: that dude's a fag
Lob 504 Podna: i saw you in that dude's truck
BHenry712: mite know what kinda truck that fucker got to
BHenry712: bitch
Lob 504 Podna: one just liek yours, that's why y'all BAGGIN BUDDIES
BHenry712: u talk an awfull lot about baggin
BHenry712: u must be pretty experienced
BHenry712: u and smitko practice often huh
Lob 504 Podna: b/c i always hear it from you fuckface
BHenry712: ohh
BHenry712: fuckface
BHenry712: wait til tomorrow
Lob 504 Podna: why, you gonna mess with the kid smaller than you
BHenry712: imma make it look like u been fucked in da face
BHenry712: ya fuckin cunt
BHenry712: go talk to natalie or somethin
Lob 504 Podna: haha i wish
BHenry712: she mite give it to u
BHenry712: or go get a fuckin hair cut
Lob 504 Podna: natalie is all over your boy lance lapyerouse
Lob 504 Podna: i did get one motha fucks
BHenry712: thas ya boy
BHenry712: i'm happy for u cunt
BHenry712: now shut da fuck up
Lob 504 Podna: bitch what
BHenry712: u fuckin bootin up now
BHenry712: thas yur ass
Lob 504 Podna: i ain't bottin up,i got in flip flops
BHenry712: smartass
BHenry712: fuck u
Lob 504 Podna: HA
Lob 504 Podna: go fuck one of your sophmores
BHenry712: awww
BHenry712: that was harsh
BHenry712: i cant come back on that
Lob 504 Podna: i know, i apologize for that
Lob 504 Podna: that was jsut wrong on my part
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