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What a Week

Well, last week may not have been the best week of my life. On my birthday, Tuesday December 3rd, I was on my way to school when I hit a car. Now if I had just hit the car it would have been a little better. But yet I ran over the hood and end up with my truck laying across the hood, my front left tire hanging off the other side. I was a upset at what had happened. I was late for school, but I realized the day could only get better, and also the week gradually got better as well. I am finished with my entry as of now.

Fish and Game Report: Well, I may have a found a bass, not sure yet, but I think I ended up in a good fishing spot, I may have to cast out before the week is over. More to follow.

Quote of the Day/Week - "A one legged Indian won an ass kicking contest" - Pookie LaBruyere
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