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I Know Him, I Know Him

Its been a few days since I updated. Friday I went to Houma. I pretty much did nothing. Stephen and I went to Jen's house, then the 3 of us went to Char's house and watch "Life, Or Something Like It." It was a decent movie, more of a chick flick. Saturday I waxed my car, then went get a hair cut. That night I shot some pool at Tregre's, went to Jake's to see the car hood that him and Frank took form the tunnel. They joined me, Jen, and Stephen to go see the movie Elf. It was a very funny movie. Will Ferrell is a genius. Sunday I made my way back to Baton Rouge. Monday I went to class and did some studying for Geology. Today I took the test, I'm not confident about it, but oh well.

Fish and Game Report: No specific ponds right now. Maybe I shall find a good to drop the anchor into. Who knows.

Quote of the Day: "We just went to the same school. Geez!" - Alli Granier when asked about a fellow student of her.
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