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You Will Be Safe In Here

Well lets see what has been happening. Vandebilt beat ASH in the semifinals with a score of 5 to 1. They will now play South Terrebonne in the finals on Wednesday at 7pm at Vandebilt. After the game I went to Babino's house and watched The Gift, it wasn't that good of a movie, but oh well. Nothing much going on. I am anticipating the #1 Duke verse #3 Maryland game, it should be good. My thumb is doing better as well. I can get the splint off Monday, then I can return to golf, hopefully.

Fish and Game Report: I think I may have found a good spot to through out the anchor, I'll use the fish finder to see if the bass is there or not.

Quote of the Week/Month - "I am the Master" - Justin 'Shermanator' Corte
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