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End of Mardi Gras

At the stroke of midnight, all partying, craziness, and drunkeness of the Mardi Gras season shall come to a halt. My holiday went smoothly as such. A few obstacles did get in my way though. The biggest downfall of the holiday was what happened saturday afternoon at Brendan's house. I went up to block Smitko's dunk and my thumb caught the bottom of the backboard, my hand continued to move up-wards. I came down with a dislocated thumb, it was bad, then I got back into socket and it became sprained. I now have a splint on my right hand.
Back to other things, the crew has mostly been hanging out at Smitko's, just chillen, watching DVDs, etc. The shall continue with us continuing to hang out at Smitko's. That is about it, there is not much more to say.

Fish and Game Report: The bass situation is a little confusing now. I think I may possibly be hooking the elder bass, and I have not yet determined if I have actually come close to hooking the other bass. I shall see how the ponds are stocked this week, I look forward to good weather and calm seas.

Quote of the Week/Month - "Look how short that little man is!" - Dominique Wurzlow
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